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Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll
I am a qualified Bio Energy Therapist & Reiki Master from Dublin. My own
experience led me to Bio Energy healing. I found it very powerful and I was
amazed with the results, which traditional medicine failed to delivered. I have
trained to become a Bio Energy Therapist to share with others my knowledge and
help them to heal themselves.
In my life, I have met a lot of people with different types of health problems and
everyday I see pain and illness affecting people. I am passionate about the world
and people living without any illness and sadness. My focus is on helping anyone
to start living without pain. And this is my passion. My Clinic which I am running
successfully in Dublin 9 on a full time basis, working with clients who suffered with
health problems for years and once again can enjoy life.
Outside of work I try to spend time with my young Children and show them
values I share. Cycling and fishing with my family gives us all opportunity to
connect with nature, each other and see the world from a different perspective.
Every morning my Chi Kung exercise routine helps me to remember what life
should be about. I meditate on a regular basis to keep my mind open and my
body balanced.
If you would like to take an appointment with me or would like to have further
information regarding the treatments I offer, please contact me at the details
He can be contact at:
Mob.: 085 1067700 Email: power_of_healing@yahoo.com Web: www.powerofhealing.ie
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