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Laureen Taylor
Laureen Taylor
Laureen Taylor is a qualified Bio Energy Therapist, Accredited Counsellor,
Psychotherapist and Supervisor with the Irish Association of Counselling the
Psychotherapy (IACP). She is the founder of Bio Energy Therapy Training Ireland www.betti.ie
Each September they deliver their diploma course for those who would
like to train as a Bio Energy Therapist and throughout the year host one day workshops
in Bio Energy.
Laureen loves her work as a counsellor and wished to add an additional therapy
to her practice. She trained as a Bio Energy Therapist and loves its simple,
effective yet practical way of delivering a healing modality to clients.
From her personal experience of having undertaken the training in Bio Energy
and having regular Bio Energy sessions she felt it could support others in their
life journey. Laureen believes Bio Energy can successfully be utilized in
conjunction with other therapies.
Laureen is currently working on a weekly blog about Bio Energy
and a variety of interesting topics. She lives in Raheny with her husband Paul,
their foster daughter and stray cat Spooky.
She can be contacted at:
Mob.: 086 1074774 Email: info@betti.ie Web: www.betti.ie BETTI Facebook BETTI Blog
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