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Helen O'Flinn
Helen O'Flinn
Holistic wellbeing is all about looking at the mind, body, emotion
connections. Identifying blockages in the system and supporting a client in
freeing these up. To achieve this, I work with clients using several different
modalities. I also provide clients with knowledge and skills to continue
working with practices at home.
I practice across a wide range of complementary holistic therapies to
bring a unique approach to meet both individual and group needs. I hold
a Diploma in Bio Energy Healing (BETTI). I am also a certified Theta healing
practitioner (Theta Healing Ireland), certified Mindfulness practitioner
(IICP), certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner (AAMET)
and certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Practitioner (IICP). I have
always had an interest in complementary holistic therapies as either a
standalone option or to complement other interventions with the ultimate
aim to promote wellbeing and self-healing. Having had personal
experience of seeing how the body can heal itself given the right
environment, I realised that the right environment has to be created and
focused on within body, mind and spirit. To this end, I researched
different therapies and options that could support the creation of
the best possible environment to have the optimal balance, health and
well-being in my life. Part of this journey of discovery saw me qualify as a
practitioner across a range of complementary therapies. My passion in life
is sharing this with others so that balance, harmony and pure joy can be
available as a solid foundation for everyday life.
Through the wide variety of experience that I have, I am enabled to
develop effective, tailored, client-centred and personal development
solutions. As a group facilitator, I develop initiatives using a participatory
approach guaranteeing success in the achievement of the desired end
I am currently Chairperson of the Bio Energy Therapists Association for
2017/2018. I am also Secretary of the Association for the past three years.
You can contact her at:
Mob.: 086 408 7003 Email: info@helenoflinn.com Web: www.helenoflinn.ie
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