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Edel Boyle
Edel Boyle
Bio Energy Therapist in full time practise since 2015 in both Dublin's inner
city and in Skerries, Co Dublin.
'I am extremely passionate about my work. My purpose is to reach out and help
those suffering, stressed, grieving, emotionally distraught and suffering with
dis-ease. To extend a hand out to enable others to release their fear, worry,
anger, hurt and pain. Take the brave step, don't settle or give up, take your power
back and live your life to the fullest'
I facilitate one to one treatments to clients of all ages and walks of life.
I also facilitate Mindfulness/Meditation Workshops, teen to adult transition
programme, and Women's Circles in a number of locations throughout Dublin.
For further information contact
Mob.: 087 771 3924 Email: edelboyle21@gmail.com Web: www.facebook.com/Mindfulness-Facilitator-Holistic-Healing
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